First test shoot!



These images are from the first test shoot. As i had more time to plan the photographs due to the film before not developing properly i found i had created a much better outcome. The 2 images i have chosen to crop and edit are both with the model sitting down. I found this worked a lot better than when she was standing up as the subject was much more relaxed. In the photographs of her standing up she automatically felt the need to stand straight which created quite a stiff, uncomfortable atmosphere whereas sitting down she was able to get lost in her own thoughts through the process of the image taking allowing the portrait feel a lot more truthful. I chose to use a cream background rather than a white one because i feel the colour white would be too harsh on the subject, i needed something that created quite a soft image and i feel this cream colour did a really good job in doing so.

These images of the subject in their ‘normal’ clothes will be paired with a photograph of them in their uniform (next shoot).