Richard Ash

After uploading my series on to my website I received an email from the photographer who photographed the imperial war museum portraits. Below is a copy of the email.

Hi There,

Just come across your pics of 1 Rifles… good shots… look a little familiar!

no worries though, if you want to know the lighting set up of the pics hanging in the Imperial War Museum for the War Story Project…………

the shots were taken with just 2 lights, one behind a semi translucent background, (like a bed sheet for example) and one soft box butterfly’ed up high

We used one reflector under the face around chest area..keeping it simple as 99% of the pics were taken on location with very little time to set up ( 5mins tops)

Light were profoto acutes
camera was just a Nikon D3
printed using a colorproof Rip on an epson 9900 on Hahnemuhler Baryta paper

Pics were taken in various locations around the UK and the world

There are over 1000 of these portraits now


Richard Ash
IWM Photographer

I was really surprised to here from anyone let alone the photographer I used for research. I felt slightly rude as I hadn’t included this blog on my website so he wasn’t able to see my research and development behind this series as our photographs are quite similar. It was nice of Richard to give me an insure into the lighting he had used and after reading it I realised I also used a similar layout which is rewarding to know. Now I know I am able to look at an image and work out roughly what lighting was used.


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