Final shoot


Above is the layout of the studio for the portraits. Each light was in front of the black boards facing on the white side which allows the light to reflect off the white board and light up the background. The reflector was held by an assistant near the models waist, tilted towards their face to remove shadow that the top softbox may create. I haven’t used this layout before but i found it easy and simple to set up and also lit the subject and background really well.

Website3 Website2 Website1

Above are the 3 images i had chosen out of a handful. Unfortunately I haven’t got the rest of the photographs but as i was shooting on digital i was able to get the perfect shots within 3 tries at the most. On the back of the camera the background of the photographs looked greyer than normal, i didn’t worry about this too much as i knew i could change it slightly on photoshop but when i uploaded them to the computer the portraits were a lot more darker then i thought. I wasn’t too sure what this had came down to, most probably one of the lights didn’t flash but after a few hours on the computer i eventually got the background looking white. I then desaturated the images slightly to enhance aftermath of conflict. These portraits then got printed on to pearl paper sizes 48×70, slightly larger than an average person. I felt the matte and gloss paper created a slightly warmer photograph which is the opposite to what I wanted to achieve. I printed these portraits up large and hung them at an average eye height so the viewers could connect with the Soldiers and really study their aesthetics through the great detail and choice of presentation in a small corridor.

Unfortunately I was unable to get hold of a video camera for the shoot which means I’m unable to evaluate the shoot thoroughly although I do have a clear memory of how it went which I will be writing about in my critical review (most recent post)


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