Unfortunately i have chosen to move away from interviewing the soldiers, the responses i was aiming to get would be about life at war, how it makes them feel and their experiences good or bad. After looking into the idea and speaking with Matthew Partington i wouldn’t feel comfortable asking such in depth questions. As i have dropped the interviews i still NEED to connect with these people, talking to the soldiers is a key part of my project. I feel i need to back up my images with something otherwise i would feel as if they are just portraits on a wall, i need something to contextualise them. In the individual tutorial with Nick Bright, we discussed different ways i could connect with my subjects that aren’t through formal interviews. I realised that the most crucial time to speak to these guys is on the day of the shoot. There will be 5+ soldiers in the studio at the time, even though i’m shooting on digital it won’t be a quick shoot, they’ll be chatting, having a laugh and me and Meena will also be getting involved within their conversations. As i’m taking their photographs i want to be able to have the confidence to speak to these people, whether it is about life at war or just being a soldier in general, i think it will be helpful if i got to know my subjects during the shoot. To record this i’m going to be setting up a video camera in the corner of the room. This won’t be used within the final images it will just be for my benefit to look back and see how i communicate with them and how they act in front of the camera. This will then help me to speak to models in the future and it will also be interesting to see how the soldiers react within the studio environment.

I’ve have briefly spoken to Jamie, one of the soldiers i will be shooting. Jamie is a close friend of mine so i feel comfortable in speaking to him about what he does. I have had a informal interview with him and we spoke about what life is like at war. Unfortunately i didn’t make any notes as this conversation wasn’t planned but i have asked him to send me a detailed, paragraph about what life is like out in Afgan and how it makes him feel. I will be uploading this as soon as i get it!


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