1 Rifles

Within The Rifles there are 5 regular battalions. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd battalion are front line based. Then there is a 4th which is a support company, within these are 4 platoons; reconnaissance, snipers, fire support group and mortars these all aid the rifle battalions. The other being a HQ company that comprises off most of the battalion external attachments (non fighting troops), for example signallers, medics, military drivers, store men, armourers and mechanics.

1st Battalion – Commando Infantry (3 Cdo Bde) – Chepstow

2nd Battalion – Light Role –  Northern Ireland

3rd Battalion – Light Role – Edinburgh

1 Rifles is a light role infantry battalion (light role – Front line soldiers that mainly operate on foot) within 3 Commando Brigade. This Battalion should be approximately 500 strong men. 1 rifles is the Battalion I am going to be photographing.


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