Next steps!

The soldiers i have planed to photograph are part of the 1 rifles. I have a close friend who is part of 1 rifles who is able to take me into camp and introduce me to some of the soldiers. We have put down a rough date when i am able to take the final photographs which is the week beginning 10th of December. This is a tight time as it’s the last week before the Christmas holidays but as i have plenty of time until then i am able to plan exactly everything so when i come to take the photographs i know what i’m going to do.

After heading to London and looking at other peoples work i have decided to go back into the studio and take some more images. I would like to play around with composition again. Looking at the portraits from the IWM and Alison Baserville i would like to create some close up photographs and see if they create a more meaningful image then the previous ones i have took. I am also hoping to shoot on Kodak Portra which i have been recommended to use to get the best out of my portraits. I do want to shoot on digital to compare the details with film, after seeing the portraits of the front line soldiers i would like to create much more facial details within mine.


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