Second test shoot (uniform)

For this shoot i chose to have the subject placed in similar positions as before so when they are pair you the viewer is able to see a link but also the transition from how vunerable the subject looks in non uniform to the completely oposite when she is in her uniform. One thing i did pick up was when i got Meena to stand in place she would sometimes automatically look straight on this was because in her patrol witin the OTC they are told to look completely forward ignoring all distractions. For some images I did ask her to look into the camera lens but after that i got her to look where she felt comfortable as the whole reason for these images is to get the ‘truth’ out of a person. Below i have lined up 3 sets of images with the subject looking away and looking at the camera.




Before properly looking at these photographs in my mind i had a feeling that i would prefer the images of which the subject was looking into the camera. This was because my aim to the series was for the viewer to look on the inside of soldiers and not just their sterotypical outside (through eye contact). After editing and looking at the photographs carefully i’ve grown to like the ones where the subject is looking away. As these photographs will be paired with the non uniform images i think it will work well. The non uniform image looking at the emotional, metal state of these people and then the uniform side of depicting how they feel in their uniform. The next step is to chose which position of the subject works best.


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