Pairing images (test shoot)

I have paired together 4 different sets of images to work out which works best in terms of body language and composition.


Originally i wasn’t going to test a full lenght shot but thought it was worth it so i could compare. I do quite like these as you can see the full body posture and the clothes the subject is wearing. The viewer is able to read the images through the full lengh shot but are only able to from the posture, i feel that the facial expressions are a vital point to this series and in the above photographs they’re not that noticeable to the viewers. I think the closer up shots will look much better in terms of the atmosphere i am hoping to get across to the viewers.


This pair is the strongest in terms of composition, posture and facial expressions. The close up makes it easier for the viewer to read the subject through the use of facial expressions. I also quite like how the body is facing the camera so we are faced with this vunerable person, the viewers are able to look straight into their eyes as if they are stood infront of them. When hung in exhibition the composition will also enhance this as i will have them hung the same height as an average person so again it feels as if the viewer is stood with them. The use of having one sat down and the other stood up also makes the different representations quite clear.


Whilst editing i began to like this pair as the postures aren’t perfect and don’t match completely giving the pair quite a natural feel. I played around with flipping each image to see if it look better with the two faces looking each other or away, after playing around with this i began to see that these photographs weren’t as strong as the match above. I agree having the subject faced slightly away enhances vunerablity which is what i wanted but having the 2 images put together creates too much of this atmosphere which i feel is not needed. I want the solider in  uniform to be represented as strong and powerful and i dont think this body language is doing it much justice.


This is the last pair i put together. It’s slightly between full length (top) and medium close up (2nd). Again i do prefer the straight on posture for the same reasons as above but in these two photographs the subject is stood up in both. The aim to the non uniform photo is for the viewers to understand the mental effects of these people reading this from the posture/facial expressions, unfortunatly having the subjects stood up looses this feeling. The model isn’t relaxed and seems quite stiff which realtes too much with the uniform photograph so i feel the viewers will only be basing their interpirtation on the clothes.

I understand each of my final images will be slightly different as i have chosen not to direct the soldiers so strictly (to create a ‘truthful’ image) but i will be keeping in mind the compositions and crop when coming to take the photograph. I will also have the models to sit on a chair for the non uniform shot because that will allow them to completely relax therefore making a large contrast when pairing it with a uniform image.


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