Location lighting workshop

I had always tried to ignore location lighting, whenever i was in tutor and someone mentioned it i automatically would be put of the idea of taking a lighting kit to location and setting up everything outside of the studio environment. For me, location lighting just wasn’t my idea of an practical, easy shoot. When i saw on the timetable we had a location lighting workshop coming up i was so pleased!

I really did enjoy this workshop and learnt so much about working on location. To start of with, the place where we were located (trinity centre) was an incredible place, the building is a converted church and still had its church like aesthetics to it. Grand, peaceful and beautiful rooms. We got split into 2 smaller groups, my group were sent to the small red room

Inside this room was a beautiful old white piano which we thought would be a great prop to use in our shoot. Firstly we just set up one light (below) but unfortunately the wall opposite the light was white therfore the flash was bouncing off the wall creating a very strong shadow on the subject. We placed the black cover from on of the umbrellas on the wall to try and stop this but again the shadow was still to strong so we then decided to add another light (examples below).


We decided to challenge ourselves for a take a photography with a subject sat next to the window. We orgininally had the two lights but this was too bright, took it down to one and this was still too bright. We then began to use the reflectors. This shot took a long time to take, the subject was lit well with the reflectors it was just the window behind lacked a bit of detail so we tried to get this detail back. The set up is in images below.

We used a reflector each side of the subject and a flash. I went underneath the left reflector with the flash, pointed it against the right reflector so the light reflected on to the window. The problem we had here was the the flash kept seeping through the left reflector and hiting the subject so we had another person stood holding their black jacket under the reflector to stop the light flooding onto the subject.

This workshop was overall one of the most helpful! I never realised how similar to the studio it was and as i’m comfortable in the studio i should be comfortable on location. I did pick up the fact that if i were to ever go out and use the location lighting kit i would need a lot more people than just myself. Throughout the shoot there were small things that we needed someone to hold or do and it was really handy just having the extra person there, so at least 2 assistants  i think depending on what i plan to do. I now feel comfortable and ready to go out and use this kit!


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