Spencer Murphy

With a practice studio shoot coming up I want to research portrait photographers to try and get an idea on how the use of posture and facial expression effects the representation of the subject. I chose to look at Spencer Murphy portraits because they hold a sense of ambiguity even though aesthetically they are very simple. Choosing to have the subject look away from the camera opens up may more interpretations for the audience. I haven’t looked into portrait photography much in the past so this is the first time i’ve come across such mundane, deadpan photographs of people. In all of Spencers photographs he uses quite a pale aesthetic, this would tend to make the subject look quite vulnerable but personally i don’t feel his images are represented like that at all. I agree that they do create a slight weak atmosphere but  the touch of contrast and body posture counteracts with the paleness which gives the photographs less of a poor aesthetic and more of a natural feel.  Before looking into Spencer Murphys portraits i didn’t quite realise how much work has been put into them to create the ‘correct’ representation. I’ve learnt that as well as the body posture, the colours and contrast are also very important when it comes to the final image. I tend not to work on images too much in photoshop but i think after this practice shoot in the studio i may try and create a similar atmosphere to these portraits and see how it looks.



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