Matthew Partington

Interviewing these soldiers is a very important part of this project, the replies I get will influence my images and the whole project in general massively. I got recommended to speak to Matthew Partington who is part of the research ethics committee to go through the process of the interviews as a whole and the effects it can have on me as well as the soldiers their selves.

Hi Matthew,

My name is Karen Sanders and I’m a L2 photography student at Bristol UWE.

We have recently been set a project on social groups and I’ve decided to base mine upon British Soldiers. I want to create a series of portraits looking into the emotional side of being in the Army. I want to present this images with an audio of an interview with them. In tutor earlier this morning Nick Bright recommended i speak to you about interviewing soldiers as i would need to prepare myself for some of the replies i may get and also their reaction to the questions i may ask them.

Would that be something you could help me with? I’d appreciate it if i could sit down with you and go through some of the questions i’m hoping to ask and just talk about the situation as whole.

Kind Regards
Matthew agreed to meet me earlier today to talk about the situation. We spoke about how i need to understand that the soldiers i interview do  not have to answer any questions they are unconformable with and that i need to make it clear to them that they have a freedom to withdraw the interview whenever they wish too. Due to these soldiers having quite bleak experiences, i may need to fill in a formal ethical review that would then be checked by the committee to look through and hopefully approve for me to carry on with these interviews as they need to make sure the situation is okay to move forward with. Hopefully this won’t be the case as the photographs and interviews will be done on Bower Campus but to be on the safe side Matthew is checking tomorrow at a meeting.


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