I want to base this project around British soldiers who have experienced fighting for their country in Afghanistan. They will be represented as strong, powerful people yet with a small sense of vulnerability. My aim for these photographs is to give an understanding to viewers about British soldiers and how being at war effects them mentally. I want to focus the images entirety on the inside of a person rather than the stereotypical representation of the outside. I will attempt this by working in the studio with a white background (connoting honesty and purity) and have the soldiers in white t-shirts. I would like to shoot the portraits in medium format as a test shoot and hopefully move on to using large format. I think large format will complement the photographs well as I want them to be printed large enough for the viewer to see directly into the subjects eyes and connect with the emotions being portrayed.

Before the shoot I am going to interview all the subjects to get a real incite into their Army lifestyle which will direct me to how the images will look. The interview will complement my images either in text or audio form giving the images contexts and to allow the audience to get involved with the soldiers personal side. I want to photograph around 6 to 8 soldiers to get a broad series and set of stories. As I am shooting in the studio and the soldiers camp is in Chepstow it may be hard for the subjects to get to Bower studio for me to do the shoot. One way to get around this if the problem did arise is to use the location lighting and take the studio to them. This may lead to me having to write a permission letter but hopefully it will work out okay. Another issue which most probably will come up is the interviews. The questions i’m hoping to ask will be quite personal and I want to get the most out of these soldiers so I can reflect it in the portraits. I need to be able to prepare myself for the answers I may get and also how to ask these questions. To help me with this I will be emailing Mathhew Partington to speak through all the issues that may come up. I’m really looking forward to creating this series of photographs, it’s something I have never really focused on before and will give me a great confidence boost within my photography and myself.


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