Tim Heatherington – Restrepo

Tim Heatherington is the co-directer and co-producer of the film ‘Restrepo’, a documentary based on a platoon of US soldiers who went to war in Afghanistan. The use of hand-held filming allows the viewers to experience exactly what war is like and what these soldiers go though, they are forced to imagine they are there with them. Different to Suzanne Optons work the soldiers are represented in many ways other than just vulnerable. As this is real life we are able to see how vulnerable these people are yet we can also see that they are incredibly strong willed, powerful. The sense that together they are as close as a family and would do anything to save one anothers lives.

I really like how they included interviews with the soldiers. Their voice placed over the top of some clips created a very powerful emotion for me. Most were to explain the situations but as it was from their point of view it  made the scene 100 times more emotional as you can hear the devastation in their voices. There were also clips of the soldiers being interviewed, the camera is close up so the viewers are able to see their facial expression clearly whilst they talk about their war experiences. The idea of interviewing soldiers is something i would like to take forward. After feeling the effect of it i would like it to be transferred over into my work. It’s given me the idea to have soldiers voices playing in the background of the photographs so the audience can really see into the subjects mind.

Link to ‘Restrepo’ – http://www.putlocker.com/file/45Q1PFA1X7XY


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