Initial idea

After researching Suzanne Optons Soldier series and seeing how big of an impact her photographs made I’m really intrigued on basing my project around British soldiers. I already have a few initial ideas on how the photographs will look like but I will need to make some further research to get a clear idea of what i want to do.

  • I do not want to represent them as soldiers, i don’t want their uniform to be part of the photograph. Maybe dress the subjects in a white top so the viewer is completely focused on the emotion from the subject.
  • Initially i’m thinking of shooting in the studio so i can completely focus on the subject. The background would be white to match with the white tops. White creates a sense of purity and honestly which is what i would like to get across in the photographs.
  • I’m interested in focusing on the more personal side (influence from Optons work) for example concentrating on victims with near misses or soldiers that have be unlucky enough to have even been injured.

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